Gourmet Popcorn for Weddings

Gourmet Popcorn for Weddings

Your special day deserves a treat just as special!

Miller’s Gourmet Popcorn is now offering custom Gourmet Popcorn for Weddings to make the perfect addition to the day you’ve been dreaming of.

Whether you’re treating your guests to a popcorn bar at the reception, looking for delicious gift for your wedding party, or need the perfect party favors, our custom popcorn wedding flavors are the way to go!

Choose from over 50 of our made-from-scratch popcorn flavors to design a custom blend that matches the look and feel of your special day.

With all of our gourmet popcorn being made with only the finest ingredients available (including coconut oil, real cheese and Ghirardelli chocolates), you can rest assured that your guests will be left impressed with this delicious sweet treat.

How To Order Gourmet Popcorn For Your Wedding

We know just how hectic wedding planning can be, which is why we are happy to tell you….this part won’t be! We’re keepin’ it simple and easy over here.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose the colors and / or flavors of your custom wedding day popcorn!


2. Choose a personalized popcorn label with your name, wedding date, or custom flavor.


3. Enjoy your sweet treat! We will take care of filling, sealing, and labeling your popcorn bags so they are ready to go for your special day.

Ready to place your custom popcorn order?

Call 816-365-3523 or leave us a message here to get started today!

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